JSP Date Formatting

I had an input field that took a date type as mentioned in my previous post. Now the problem was, while I input it in the form MM/dd/yyyy, when I was displaying it on the page for the user to modify, it would come back with time, timezone, all sorts of crap definitely NOT in MM/dd/yyyy format. This caused the form submission to fail unless the user corrected the field every time because date conversion would fail with the huge, lame format.

One wrinkle was that I wanted to support internationalization. While our application currently doesn’t have anything other than en_US right now, I want to make sure I am getting the right date pattern for all instances. So, this is what I did.

<label id="birthday_label" for="birthday" title="<spring:message code="user.birthday.alt" />">
    <spring:message code="user.birthday" />

<spring:message code="dateFormat" var="dateFormat" />

<input id="birthday" name="birthday" type="text" 
        value="<fmt:formatDate value="${reg.birthday}" 
        type="date" pattern="${dateFormat}" />" />

I have my spring message bundle available, and in that bundle, I have a field called dateFormat which contains the string MM/dd/yyyy. It’s also the field used for doing the date conversion on input. I needed to get the format for use in the fmt:formatDate tag, which is given as the value of the input tag. I’m not a fan of tags within attribute values of tags, but what can you do.

Well, I couldn’t have a tag, in a tag, in an attribute of a tag. Apparently you can only take that so far. So, the trick was using the var of the spring:message to store the dateFormat in something that I could later reference as ${dateFormat} in the pattern of the fmt:formatDate.

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