So Long Kenai

A couple of my recent posts have dealt with JSF 2 and Google’s app engine for Java. I was experimenting with this stuff in a small hobby project that was role-playing game related. It’s been benched for another role-playing game related project that I’m going to be writing in C# in XNA, but before I get to that, I want to say a fond farewell to Kenai.

This morning I had an email from the Kenai team in my inbox. Now that Sun is a part of Oracle, it has been decided by the powers that be on the Oracle side that hosting free, open source projects doesn’t help the bottom line. I think this is really unfortunate. Kenai had a really great integration story with Netbeans.

Kenai included free use of Jira, a wiki, Subversion hosting, downloads, and all of it integrated seamlessly with Netbeans. Setting up my project on Kenai was actually a joy. I simply clicked the menu in Netbeans 6.8 to “share this project on Kenai” and everything just worked. When I then went to my desktop from my laptop, I was able to “get” the project from Kenai and it checked it out, allowed me to login to Kenai and look at my jira tasks and modify them within Netbeans.

I haven’t used any other project hosting solution, but I’ve viewed plenty of projects in google code and sourceforge and have yet to see such a complete story. If I had the money to spare for a pet/hobby project I would certainly go to jira studio, but I suspect I’m going to have to find something a little more free to move my project too. I am happy that I didn’t have too much invested in Kenai, but it’s pretty sad that it’s been killed.

So long Kenai, it was good to know you while it lasted.

I just got this email from the Kenai folks. Fortunately, it looks like good news, and I think it will be a great benefit to all the projects on


In an effort to get information out to the Kenai community quickly, while trying to manage the integration of our two companies, I think we did a poor job at communicating our plans for to you. I would like to remedy that now. Our strategy is simple. We don’t believe it makes sense to continue investing in multiple hosted development sites that are basically doing the same thing. Our plan is to shut down and focus our efforts on as the hosted development community. We are in the process of migrating to the kenai technology. This means that any project currently hosted on will be able to continue as you are on We are still working out the technical details, but the goal is to make this migration as seamless as possible for the current projects. So in the meantime I suggest that you stay put on and let us work through the details and get back to you later this month.

Thanks for your feedback and patience.

Ted Farrell
Oracle Corporation

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