Sharing JSF 2 Composite Components

Let’s say you have created some awesome composite components in JSF 2 that you want to share between one webapp and another.  One option would be to simply copy all of the .xhtml files from one webapp to the other.  Yuck.  Then you have two versions of each file.  Changes in one are not reflected in the other, and what happens when you are up to 6 webapps that all want to share your awesome components?  That’s ugly.

A better solution is to jar them all up into a new component library.  Sounds complicated huh?  Not really.

Each of your composite components should be in a resources directory.  In order to redistribute those components, you simply add them to a jar under META-INF/resources, and then make sure that your META-INF directory also contains a faces-config.xml file.

The faces-config.xml file ensures that JSF scans the jars for components and annotated classes.  The following ant target, which I added to the build.xml file in a netbeans project automatically takes the resources directory, and creates an empty faces-config.xml file and plops them into a jar.  Now, you simply include that jar as a library in your new webapp.

    <target name="create-lib-jar">
        <property name="stage-dir" value="create-lib-jar-temp" />
        <property name="dist.dir" value="." />
        <property name="lib.jar" value="${dist.dir}/jsfLibrary.jar" />
        <mkdir dir="${stage-dir}" />

        <echo file="${stage-dir}/faces-config.xml" ><![CDATA[<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>

        <jar destfile="${lib.jar}">
            <metainf dir="${stage-dir}">
                <include name="faces-config.xml" />

            <metainf dir="web" includes="resources/">


        <delete dir="create-lib-jar-temp" />


Think of the possibilities.  Now, you have a simple project in which to build your core, re-usable composite components, all running in their own little webapp, testable with junit for the java classes and selenium for the web portions.  Then, you package them up for use in all your webapps.  That’s awesome sauce.

This build target doesn’t get any java class files.  When I get to that part of my project, I’ll update it.

Make sure to modify the properties to fit your environment so it is pulling from the correct directories and all that jazz.

<target name=”create-lib-jar”>
<property name=”stage-dir” value=”create-lib-jar-temp” />
<property name=”dist.dir” value=”.” />
<mkdir dir=”${stage-dir}” /> 

<echo file=”${stage-dir}/faces-config.xml” ><![CDATA[<?xml version=’1.0′ encoding=’UTF-8′?>

<jar destfile=”${dist.dir}/jsfLibrary.jar”>
<metainf dir=”${stage-dir}”>
<include name=”faces-config.xml” />

<metainf dir=”web” includes=”resources/”>


<delete dir=”create-lib-jar-temp” />


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